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It appears that some people are just naturally happier than others. And it’s not always just the people who appear to have easy lives, either. Those who are regularly happy seem to have certain factors that others lack. 

One definite factor that helps explain this is personality type. But, how does it play into the matter of personal happiness? Here are a list of personality traits and how they can affect your overall feeling of well-being.

Those personality types who lean towards perfectionism in relation to themselves and others, have a tendency to be less happy than those who are more accepting of various outcomes. Although a perfectionist will achieve happiness in a job well done, it will be limited due to their immediate focus on the next big project. 

When you learn when to stop and how to enjoy the process rather than holding yourself to a strict set of rules, your happiness will grow.

Dreamers tend to be happy. Although dreamers can often lean towards procrastination, which in itself breeds stress, there is always something to dream about again after the stress has passed. 

If we are not born this way naturally, we can learn a lot from dreamers as we seek happiness in life. Think about what you want out of life and spend a little time each day enjoying the thought of that very thing, and you will see the joy that can be found in this simple exercise.

People whose personalities lean towards being organized have a lot going for them, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing even in this area. The importance here is in balance. Be too focused on organization and you will miss the small details that should be enjoyed along the way. By being too disorganized, on the other hand, you will experience frustration when things do not go as planned. 

Strike a happy medium, and choose to organize yourself just enough to make things work more efficiently.

Positivity is one personality trait that absolutely affects one’s personal happiness. Some people are born with a tendency to this trait, while others have to strive not to live in negativity. 

No matter what side you lean towards naturally, make choices that will cause you to react in a positive manner and that will build your confidence in the process of life. You will find happiness comes to you naturally when you allow your energy to be transformed from negative to positive.

Living in the Moment
Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, you can choose to live in the moment. We only live our life once, and finding happiness includes being fully present for each and every step of the journey. 

Some people find this easier to do, and others have to make an effort. Whatever your natural tendency however, make a choice to do everything whole-heartedly so that you have no regrets and can experience deep happiness.

We can’t change our implicit personalities, but we can learn from each other. People with different personalities and personality traits have a natural inclination both towards and away from happiness. Understand the personality traits you have and direct your energy into living a happy life in the best way possible.