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It’s important to get into the habit of actively practising self care. However, there are many things which are perceived to be self care, when in reality they are bad for you.

Making sure that you know the difference between the habits which will really help you and those which won’t is vital to ensuring you make the right choices and avoid doing anything harmful. 

1. Treating yourself with snacks
While allowing yourself to eat that donut or grab that packet of chips on the way home might seem like a treat at the time, it can actually do more harm than good. Giving your body the right foods is one of the best ways that you can look after yourself, so choosing unhealthy options as a reward is never a good idea. It is a better idea to allow yourself an occasional treat when you are with friends or family at a special occasion. 

2. Crashing in front of the TV
It’s the end of a long day, and lying down in front of the TV with a glass of your favourite wine seems like the perfect option. Be careful that you don’t make this a habit though. Not only is alcohol a depressant, leaving you feeling rough in the morning, but falling asleep with poor posture or failing to get into a proper night time routine will do a lot of damage long term. 

3. Buying whatever you want
You tell yourself that it’s time for some retail therapy, or that it’ll make you feel better to get some new cosmetic products or clothes. However, shopping heavily without setting a budget in advance isn’t a good example of self care and can leave you with financial troubles for the rest of the month, or longer. Think ahead and make a plan in order to truly look after yourself and prevent difficulties. 

4. Skipping the gym
We’ve all been there; you’re tired out and talk yourself into missing the gym to be kind to yourself. While it’s good to have a rest if you exercise intensively on a regular basis, you shouldn’t get into the habit of skipping your workout sessions just because you’ve had a busy day. Even just 15-20 minutes at the gym each day is a small step towards reaching your health and well-being goals, and will help you to care for yourself better too. 

No amount of junk food and junk web content can substitute for the love and affection that you need.