the Self Care Reset


the Self Care Reset provides you with practical advice to help you take time out, better understand yourself and reset, to improve your overall well being.

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If you are someone that is always doing things for others, your selfless attitude is commendable. However, you shouldn’t look at your self care as a selfish action. In this handy and brief guide on how to take better care of yourself so that everyone in your life benefits, you will learn that self care is far from selfish. You can have the most positive dramatic impact on the ones you love by becoming the very best you that you can possibly be.

Chapter 1. Why you should embrace self care
Chapter 2. Why self care is not selfish
Chapter 3. How & why to put your own needs first
Chapter 4. Signs you need to practice more self care
Chapter 5. Defining what self care means to you
Chapter 6. Destructive behaviors masked as self care
Chapter 7. Changing the way you talk to & think about yourself

40 pages, in English.